2107 Grand Prix

The club Grand Prix will be based on BTF's North East Grand Prix and we are awaiting a list of events. Last year most local events were included. More info on this to follow soon. 

2016 Grand Prix:

Following on from last year, there are two Grand Prix events in 2015: the triathlon Grand Prix, and the “duo” Grand Prix (swim and run, swim and bike, or run and bike). For the triathlon Grand Prix the events are listed below, and for the “duo” Grand Prix, all events are your own choice. Your fastest Durham Tri Club duathlon can also count towards this (results for this will be collated at the end of the summer season). Events organized by Durham Triathlon Club (i.e. Weardale Triathlon) cannot count towards your triathlon Grand Prix.

Results from races listed below will automatically be include in the competition (as long as you have entered under Durham Triathlon Club). At the end of the season, it will be your responsibility to ensure that all details listed for you are correct. Results from your choice of triathlon events and all duathlon events must be emailed to . 

For each race you need to provide your time, the winners time, and a link to the results page.  Your grand prix score is calculated as the winners time as a percentage of your time. 

Triathlon Grand Prix races 2015:

Sprint distance: 
Ashington (04/05/2015), Cleveland Sprint (17/05/2015), Northumberland Sprint (07/06/2015), QE2 Sprint (18/07/2015), Redcar Sprint (26/07/2015), Other Event [own choice]

Standard distance: Wetherby (25/05/2015), Cleveland Short Course (13/06/2015), Northumberland Standard (07/06/2015), Trident Standard Triathlon (30/08/2015), Helvellyn (06/09/2015), Other Event [own choice]

Half Ironman: Cleveland Steelman (18/06/2015), A Day in the Lakes (28/06/2015), Castles Challenge Middle Distance (26/07/2015), The Newby Hall Rubicon Middle Distance Triathlon (30/08/2015), Sundowner (05/09/2015), Other Event [own choice]

Ironman: Your own choices



DTC is also affiliated to the CTT [Cycling Time Trials organisation] which means our members can take part in local TT events. There are quite a few cycling clubs running weekly 10mile TTs. This is a great benchmark to have - a bit like using your 5k/10k run time as a yardsick to current form, or in comparing yourself with another rider - and it can help you focus on the sustained Speed element in your training.
So, new for 2016, we're going to have a TTGP, or maybe more accurately a TMTTGP - a Ten Mile TT GP - plugging into some of these events.

At the end of the season, riders can submit their best times for 5 events, one counting event from each location. The results will be decided on your cumulative time for the counting events, and will be age-grouped in 10-year bands, Male and Female.

Tuesdays: Derwentside CC 10, details HERE
Wednesdays: Houghton CC 10, details HERE
Thursdays: Ferryhill Wheelers 10, details HERE
1st. Thursdays of May-Aug: DTC Pacing session 10-mile TT, details HERE.
also Thursdays: Cestria 9.4 mile at Leamside, details HERE

At the end of the season, you'll be asked to fill in THIS FORM with the details, including a web link to the results.