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Coach and Events Manager


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I have been a member since around May 2012, I actively take part in triathlon events throughout the region. Mainly I concentrate on shorter sprint distances due to a hectic schedule with a busy work life and trying to balance home, training and helping out as a coach.

I stumbled into triathlon completely by accident. I had played football and cricket at local level in my younger years and then got interested in martial arts, kickboxing and later on Taekwondo. I passed my Taekwondo black belt with my son in 2011 when I was 40 yrs. old, a proud moment and a long term ambition. I also helped out as an assistant instructor. I had a recurring back problem and eventually was really struggling to keep up with the rigors of martial arts training. I stopped martial arts and did very little for 6 or 8 months and piled the weight on. On 1st January 2012 I decided to get fit again and started running, I hated running as it wasn’t really great on my back but persisted for a few month and managed to lose 2 stones by April. A few work mates around my age got themselves road bikes so I followed suit and enjoyed the workout of the bike without the impact on my back. A friend of mine said they were going to do a triathlon and I had no clue what one was, he gave me a book about a fat guy who was training for a triathlon (Andy Holgate can’t swim, can’t ride, can’t run) and I was inspired.

I joined the club and attended a few track sessions and swim sessions, I was warmly welcomed and found the club supportive and interested in me as an average Joe just wanting to give it a go. I competed in my first triathlon in June 2012 and it was the hardest thing I had ever done, but I was buzzing. I completed another two races that year and was hooked on triathlon at the age of 43, it just shows you’re never too old to TRI. I am constantly inspired by the people in the club who I train with, some of them elite athletes and others are people just like I was finding their way in the sport and giving it a go.


I am a level 1 triathlon coach so I am assisting the level 2 & 3 coaches’ deliver training sessions on a regular basis. Mainly involved with coaching junior swim sessions but I really enjoy welcoming and helping newcomers to the sport/club and watching them develop. I have joined the club committee this year, particularly looking at supporting and developing the club’s annual events The Weardale Triathlon and The City of Durham Duathlon.

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